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Street Artist

BAM is working to facilitate public art in all the communities in Barton County, Kansas. As we identify potential projects (locations, themes, and funding all aligned) we will then seek out artists we know are interested and available to be hired for work in our area. If you’d be interested in doing a commissioned project in Central Kansas, be sure to fill out the form below so we can keep your information on file.

BAM Artists…

  • Inspire community pride through public art

  • Get paid for their time and talents

  • Contribute to a positive community culture in Barton County

  • Receive mad props, social media shout-outs, and features in Barton County Community Guides and the BAM Virtual Hall of Projects

Calling all artists

Barton Arts Movement (BAM) is building our Rolodex of artists for future projects in Barton County, Kansas. Not only do we have plans to complete 3-5 projects per year, but we're also hoping to serve as a connector between property owners and artists on other projects.

Please share your information below so we can get to know you better, follow you on social media, and connect with you when specific projects come up, or when we have RFP's to put out for bid.

Tell us about your work

Types of Art You Prefer to Create:

Thanks for submitting!

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