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Sidewalk Chalk Contest Offers Prizes for Artists of All Ages

Updated: Nov 20, 2023

Barton Arts Movement is thrilled to announce a Sidewalk Chalk contest for artists of all ages in Barton County! The competition offers prizes for three age groups, and a grand prize of $250 in gift certificates for the overall judge's choice winner! Deadline to enter is. March 20, 2023. "We did a similar contest in the summer of 2022, and it was a huge hit! With a busy mural season over this summer, we're moving it up to springtime this year," says Andrea Bauer, Co-Chair for Barton Arts Movement. "Appropriately, the theme this year is 'Think Spring' and artists can interpret that theme however they'd like."

Anyone interested in participating simply needs to complete their sidewalk chalk art and submit a photo on the BAM website on or before March 20, 2023. Prizes will be awarded to three age groups, and we'll showcase some of the entries on the Barton Arts Movement facebook page between now and the deadline.




  1. Ten (10) years of age and under.

  2. Eleven (11) to Seventeen (17) years of age.

  3. Eighteen (18) years of age and up.




  1. Make some beautiful sidewalk chalk art and take a photo of your finished work. Bonus points if YOU are in the photo too!

  2. Submit your photo entry using the form below.

  3. Get bonus points for posting your photo to social media with the hashtag #BartonArtsMovement!

The goal of the #BAM movement is to create community pride through public art, and YOU can be a part of inspiring others and bringing color and joy to your neighborhood! Learn more about how you can join the movement at

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